E(at) DC – Co.Co. Sala Brunch

If you’re looking for an indulgent brunch option in DC, look no further than Co Co. Sala, DC’s famed chocolate bar on F and 10th (closest metro stop – Metro Center or Gallery Place)

Arriving at Co Co. Sala for our 11:30 reservation, our group was seated in the chocolate and pink accented colored lounge and handed our menus for brunch. Needless to say, we couldn’t go wrong with our options. Each of us started with the Amuse Bouche of the Day, which was a small artichoke tart with tomato confit. The tart was perfectly warm and the crust had an excellent taste with just a little sweetness from the tomato to offset the taste of the artichoke. Following our tarts, one of our party of three favored a more savory entree, so she ordered the Aztec Cheese Enchilada with an avocado, guava, and fennel salad with chocolate ganache and guava-lime vinaigrette. My other friend and I opted for the ultimate indulgence and ordered the “French Toast S’mores” as our brunch entree. After having the well-presented plate placed in front of me and taking my first bite, all I could think was “delish!” The french toast was cinnamon brioche stuffed with melted marshmallows and warm dark chocolate, a graham shortbread layered with mousse and warm bananas in caramel sauce accompanied the entree. The french toast simply melts in your mouth as the flavors of each component meld together. I would order this item again in a heartbeat. By the last couple of bites, both my friend and I were struggling, but there was no way we would leave a crumb on our plate. Completely satisfied by each of our meals, our sever cleared our plates as we took a breath and prepared ourselves for dessert….yes, I know what you’re thinking, “who could even contemplate dessert after all of that?!”

I ordered the Onyx, a vanilla creme brulee encased in dark chocolate mousse with salted caramel on top – basically chocolate overload. The mousse was perfectly smooth and the creme brulee did an excellent job of preventing us from going into a chocolate overdose. My other friend ordered the Stolen Heart, which was a white chocolate strawberry mousse with chocolate crispy pearls; naturally, all of these desserts found their way into our already full selves. We barely ate the rest of the day.

Co Co. Sala is a great place for brunch or dessert, they also offer dinner too (don’t worry, not everything has chocolate in it!). The presentation on each dish was flawless, and the overall tastes definitely give Co Co. Sala an edge over other restaurant’s desserts. While I would definitely order the French Toast S’mores again, the Breakfast Flatbread looked like a pretty great savory option also. I may pass on the mousse though and opt for the PB Cheesecake instead, but that may have just been because I was coming out of a food coma from the french toast. This restaurant is great for dessert and drinks out with the girls (they offer a variety of cocktails and hot cocoas and a fantastic happy hour!) or for a date. Either way you’ll swoon for the flavors Co Co. Sala offers.




P 202.347.4265


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