E(at) Salt Lake City -Takashi

Several weekends each summer I spend traveling to different cities across the US to act as a generalist appraiser on the Antiques Roadshow. Salt Lake City was one of the Roadshow’s summer 2016 tour stops and surprisingly where I encountered some of the best sushi I’ve had…

Takashi (Yelp) is a gem in downtown SLC with a friendly staff and incredibly fresh sushi.

Since I was dining alone I decided to sit at the sushi counter where the chefs working across from me promptly greeted me with a smile and menu.


The Miso I ordered was pipping hot and delicious with a perfect miso cloud


At the chef’s recommendation, I ordered the special roll of the day that had fresh salmon (flown in that morning!) and glazed peaches on top.


Followed by a lovely little yellowtail roll with peppy garnish


And a tuna roll with a generous helping of yellow tobikko on top


Presentation was on point for this restaurant, which was an unexpected gem in Salt Lake.





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