E(at) France – Classic Rooftop Dining in Yvoire

In case you were wondering, the food in Yvoire is just as beautiful as the town…

After several hours of exploring the Medieval town of Yvoire, France, we stopped for a late lunch. Our resident Genevan suggested we dine at a restaurant that served classic Yvoire fare and had the best views of the town and Lake Geneva called Les Jardins du Leman (Yelp). Known for their “Les Filets de perche,” a lovely fish dish offered three ways and their fresh ingredients, Les Jardin did not disappoint in their quality of food or service and lived up to their Michelin 2016 restaurant mention.

We started with a small amuse bouche…


After our tasty starer our drinks arrived, which included a perfectly mixed Aperol Spritz for me!


Followed by a beautiful burrata dish for my vegetarian friend


And a rabbit and duck terrine for us meat eaters…


And finally… Les Filet de perche, which were absolutely delicious


Our veggie friend opted for a Crudités-esque risotto, which she descried as the best risotto she’d ever had.


And more Les Filet de perche!


Bon Appetite!


Les Jardins du Leman

Grande Rue 74140 Yvoire, France


Phone number+33 4 50 72 80 32




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