E(at) DC – 5 Tips to acing your first visit to Rose’s Luxury

After two years of hearing how amazing, delicious, and novel Rose’s Luxury (Website, Yelp) was from my roommate, I finally decided to venture over to Eastern Market and see what this little restaurant was all about – Let me tell you, it’s worth the hype and easily one of the best restaurants in DC for quality of food, price, and service, so if you haven’t been already, go!

Here are 5 tips to acing your first trip to Rose’s

  1. Timing is everything: Rose’s, like many DC establishments, is almost as famous for the line to get a table as they are for their food. We were somewhat strategic about our pilgrimage and picked a cold, windy (34 degrees), Thursday night rather than trying to score a 7pm Saturday reservation . Arriving at 5:45pm we were seated immediately and offered spots at the chef’s counter! So worth it. If you’re trying to go on a weekend, you may need to arrive as early as 4:30pm to get a table in first or second seating.
  2. Diversification is key: The menu is small, but make no mistake, it’s mighty! You’ll notice that the menu consists mainly of small plates, which culminates at the bottom of the page with a larger shareable plate, the night we went it was brisket. While we were very tempted by the brisket, our server suggested that for our first time we opt for a variety of 4-5 smaller plates, rather than the larger plate plus only 2-3 small plates.
  3. Let your server be your food spirit guide: Our server was amazing, she offered opinions when asked, was honest about her favorites, and really guided our dining experience.
  4. Say yes to the pasta: There are normally three options on the menu, pick at least one…maybe two!
  5. Splurge, it’s worth it: Order a drink, get at least 4-6 small plates for two people, and just enjoy! The dishes you’ll have a Rose’s will taste better than half the food at any of the other top rated restaurants in DC, and you’ll be surprised by how reasonable it is when you get the bill.


Top 3 Picks – Check out the pictures below

  • #2 Rose’s Special of the Day
  • #3 Pork and Lychee Salad
  • #6 Caico E Pepe


Apple brandy, yellow chartreuse, lemon, & chamomile


Living it up at the chef’s counter #Live


Fresh baked bread and butter


#1 Sake & wasabi-marinated oysters with apple granita


#2 Rose’s special of the day: stracciatella with freshly shaved white truffles and toasts with garlic


#3 Pork sausage, habanero, peanuts, & lychee salad with a coconut foam dressing. Mix it all together and you have perfection in a bowl.


#5 Fried brussels sprouts with benne tahini, eel sauce & bonito


#5 Boudin-stuffed jalapeno, creamy yellow grits & celery


#6 Hand-cut trennete “caico e pepe”



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