E(at) Miami – Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

When indulging in the music mayhem that is Miami Music Week (#MMW), it’s important to remember to properly fuel yourself at the delicious dining options Miami has to offer. After an afternoon adventure in Wynwood, our group made our way to Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill (Website, Yelp). At 75 degrees, the weather was perfect for sitting outside at one of the long tables on the Pinterest-worthy patio. Our waiter gave us a quick overview of the menu as soon as we were seated, after which we went to work on ordering as many plates possible to feed our craving for raw fish. Scroll on down for the &e Top 3 and for some Miami foodporn!

&e Top 3 Plates:

  1. Crunchy Tuna – We ordered a second roll after going HAM on the first, and then almost placed an order for a third. ’nuff said
  2. Wagyu Beef – Normally I just go for the raw fish when it comes to sushi, but this wagyu beef roll had such a well-balanced, zingy taste from the nearly rare beef and tangy chimichurri sauce, I highly recommend trying it
  3. Five Spice & Honey Spare Ribs – As the Colonel would say, these ribs were “Finger Lickin’ Good.” I cringed at myself a little for making that reference, but oh well, it’s the truth. The ribs were well seasoned, incredibly tender, and weren’t overwhelmed by the sauce.


Spicy Hamachi Ponzu
Wagyu Beef Roll
Miso Salmon
Torched Hamachi
Crunchy Tuna
Tuna Tartare
Five Spice & Honey Spare Ribs





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